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Translated by Ollie Richardson


A master-class of “maple leaves” in the fight against militias ended in disaster. A group of at least 20 people (three reconnaissance groups) from the Canadian forces CANSOFCOM tried to attack the militia positions in the area of the Ukrainian punisher operation.

It ended in disaster for them. The operation was under development without the involvement of the Ukrainian fighters for the demonstration of a “master-class of fighting against terrorists”.

Those responsible were from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. The military attache of Canada in Ukraine Colonel Ron Ubbens was in charge of the matter. All this, of course, is unofficial. Visitors were formally assigned to the local Ministry of Health. From the Ukrainian side the operation was supervised by the Secretary of the National Security and Defencey Council Oleksandr Turchynov.

As is known, there is a large and influential Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada, the backbone of which are children and grandchildren of Bandera scum, who fled overseas after the war. That, of course, affects the degree of Russophobia in the leadership of the country. The idea of “anti-terrorist cooperation” emerged after a two-day visit to Kiev by the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

The “Maple” special troops were thrown into combat in the ATO zone on the day after their arrival, because of the fear of information leakage. Three reconnaissance groups were moved to the places of the militia’s deployment. They had to stealthily penetrate the positions of the Donetsk militia to cleanse the checkpoints and damage military infrastructure. However, reality harshly intervened in the conduct of the bloody “master class”.

Group “1” consisting of six people was completely destroyed by a heavy machine gun. Group “3” of seven people found themselves in contact with a minefield, then immediately came under sniper fire. Five people are listed as dead. Group “2” managed to enter LPR territory unnoticed, but learning about the fate of their colleagues, they hastily returned to their previous position, coming under fire upon return.

The bodies of the Canadians were taken to Kiev and on the same day were sent to Canada via a special flight.


Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) is designed to combat terrorism in Canada, and is designed to protect Canadian interests worldwide.

CANSOFCOM consists of the following special forces:

JTF2 (Joint Task Force 2) Unit to combat terrorism.

CSOR (Canadian Special Operations Regiment) – a Canadian special operations regiment.

CJIRU (Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit) – a unit to respond to various threats.

427 SOAS (Special Operations Aviation Squadron) – a special helicopter squadron designed to support and provide for the above units.

In open sources there is no information about the structure and the number of soldiers of assault groups of CANSOFCOM. It is assumed that the group consists of 24-32 fighters under the command of an officer. To carry out combat operations, the group is divided into teams of 6-8 men (at full strength, the unit is rarely used – but aptly). Each team has its own specialization and training: mountain, parachuting, diving, etc.

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  • Dragan Krsmanovic

    Good work my Russian brothers.
    Kill the Nazi scum.

  • Julian McCrann

    Very interesting. So who is this Rob Ubbens? Is he one of the deceased?

  • Ollie Richardson

    Doubt it, he was probably sat in a comfy office somewhere

  • Draco

    Dumbasses got themselves killed on their first day. Idiots!

  • Ollie Richardson
  • Šamolin

    Thats fantastic news. CANSOFCOM should be renamed to CANTSOFTCOM 🙂

  • Evil_shadow

    im wondering how is this even possible; Canada has highly trained spec ops units, unlike those “terrorist militias”.Bad luck? maybe Russia knew about their arrival and “helped” their brethrens in ukie?

  • Pike Ainsworth

    sounds like they are brainwashed into the new world order you can always spot a Satanist when they say “our interests at home and abroad” nobody deserves to have interests abroad that would allow for war, the NWO is the enemy of every human being on this planet, we must never allow their global governments and unions


    fuckem sckum

  • Sendejo

    More like Bolsheviks.

  • Paul Franklin

    ummm actually its not true… i know shocking the Russians lied

  • Paul Franklin

    Russians hate the canadian military and that they fear us…. or else they would not print such easily proven stupid articles.

    But hey whats wrong with some stupid propaganda.?

  • Paul Franklin

    story is simply not true

  • Triplicarius

    So you confirm that the Russians are illegally operating in Ukraine. Thank you for the confirmation.

    Further, a fucking Stalinist shit calling anyone anything is rich. Stalin made Hitler look like a fucking Boy Scout.

    Now, run along fat body… Keep swallowing the Pravada bullshit. Guess it helps tat you do not have a gag reflex.

  • John

    Good riddance those scum should have stayed home or come to fight against the Kiev Nazi’s

  • John

    Fn IDIOTS like you should commit Sepuku
    This war was started by AMerica
    Canadians and Americans and Nato forces do not belong their
    And I am hoping like all decent people that they sack Kiev
    Currently the government in the Ukraine is illegal

  • Triplicarius

    Bullshit from Pravda.

    Thing about Canada, we believe in transparency and truth. Canadian casualties do get reported in the news here (unlike criminal mother Russia, where mothers cry and rail about missing sons).

    A quick look at our media and nothing.

    On second thought, this is not even Pravda. Pravda used to do much better work than this. This is disappointing.

  • Triplicarius

    Except that, it is a blatant lie of the type only retards believe.

  • Triplicarius

    Except, it didn’t happen… But alas, a cowardly inbred Stalinist shit like you would believe any bad lie.

  • Triplicarius

    What is it like, going through life without a gag reflex… You seem to like to take it all the way to the back of your throat.

  • John

    Having served and taught in the American Army and having over seas medals I can be sure it is you who is the chicken shit I am not only not a Stalinist but red blooded conservative who knows the truth because I happen to have children in Donetsk

  • John

    The bad news is all News lies and reports what it wants to I would say there is a 50% chance it happened I will ask my American friend who is fighting in Donbass what he knows!

  • John

    This is the problem

  • Steve

    I am not sure who is the bigger threat here: the idiots who write this stuff, or the morons who believe it.

  • Kevin Kelly

    lol this is a fantasy. JTF2 alone is a seriously elite unit u do not want to fuck with, and there are a lot more than 24-32 fighters. CANSOFCOM is secretive but believed to be about 2000 members, where you get 24-32? JTF2 alone is believed to be a top tier special force exceeding 700 members of assaulters and specialists.

  • Quilly

    Yes, there are some seriously stupid people on this thread. Seriously, Canadian SF wiped out like that….are you people retarded?

  • Brian Niziol

    Well someone forgot to tell the coal miners these guys are not to be fucked with. They are dead now. This is what happens when you go looking for troubler you may to your horror find it. Too bad these young men had to die for the Nazis in Kiev. As for our government they are fools. Goose steeping around with Nazis killing coal miners for what? To tell the world how stupid we are. So much for CANSOFCOM thanks to Harper and the young fool Trudeau. So what are the powers to be going to say to the families of the dead. Your husband died for a million votes.

  • TheNightBeforeBacon

    You’re in America, liar.

  • TheNightBeforeBacon

    You are a liar. You never served and you have no medals. I’ve read your history. You just made this up.

  • John

    I love getting a 20 year pension for something I made up wish I could get a second pension for installing a brain in your head where you have none.

  • TheNightBeforeBacon

    I can say anything too. It’s easy to sniff out phonies. Get a life “John”.

  • John

    Sofia Bulgaria sorry idiot I play for Vasilin Tupolovs chess TEAM something you are to stupid to play. go to join Children of the Revolution and I will show you how stupid you are. When you join mention Discus! I might send you a copy of my retirement papers you brainless twerp plus copies of my degrees from universities your counselor told you you were to stupid to apply for.

  • TheNightBeforeBacon

    “to stupid”… I’m sorry, but if you can’t pass second grade spelling, I’m hard pressed to believe you’re some kind of genius.

  • TheNightBeforeBacon

    The alternative is that some of the drugs you took back in the days of Great’Merica are finally catching up with you.

  • Robin Olsen

    i don’t actually think this is a real story…in Canada we have no word of any casualties, even ones that are explained away as training accidents…if that many soldiers were killed we would know about it…it would be all over the news, either explained away as training accidents or else told the truth… Trudeau is also a bit of a pacifist… I cannot see him withdrawing all our planes from the ISIS campaign and then going on public record as stating that Canada was returning to a peacekeeping via the UN role then sending our SF forces via a back door arrangement into the Ukraine to help them conduct what many many have judged to be nothing but a ethnic cleansing campaign against Russia speaking people… the Ukrainians in Canada do not make up that much of a voting block nationally that a leader would have to worry about being ‘unseated’ because they got angry over something…. maybe it’s true, if it is then our boys should not be anywhere near the Ukraine, they are not part of NATO they are not part of the EU and we have no ‘defense agreements’ with them and even if we did, those agreements would not allow for our interference in what is, in essence, a internal matter of the Ukrainian people.

  • Ollie Richardson

    “if that many soldiers were killed we would know about it” – that’s your first mistake…

  • Robin Olsen

    Nice try Paul but the entire story line is most likely false to begin with…. why would Canada send SF into the Ukraine in secret with some ‘back door’ agreement… Trudeau is too much of a pacifist for this type of move… add to that I have heard not one peep from the families of these ‘casualties’ nor have i heard any word of the Ukrainians advancing in this region… which they would be doing if Canadian SF were allowed to run amok behind the lines there for even a short while… SO I actually cry bogus

  • Robin Olsen

    not in this country it isn’t we are not Americans…. even one soldier dying would be a lead story here… I’m ok with people believing what they want at present, most of your world views are about to be blown out of the water shortly anyways… but I doubt seriously that Canadian SF is inside the Ukraine in any great force, maybe as trainers or advisors…maybe…

  • Robin Olsen

    I actually think the whole story is complete bogus, I don’t believe there are any Canadian SF personal operating in a combat role inside the Ukraine… maybe as advisors or trainers, I can see that…

  • Ollie Richardson

    Canadian forces are in Ukraine, this is an irrefutable fact. As long as this remains true, the likelihood of them coming home in a wooden box remains true also.

  • John

    I do not know about Canadians but my American friend fighting for Donbas where 2 of my sons still are tells me he has the wallets of 16 American dead some of whom Russel may have killed himself. I am disgusted the American government started this war. I know one of the Norwegian commanders brother was killed by Russel. These scum do not belong there and there should not be a war there. large amounts of American weapons have been captured.

  • JPierre33

    that’s just how they outta be coming home for supporting the fascist regime

  • james willy

    Absolutely AWESOME.

  • james willy

    Waiting for more of these scums in DPR. Please send more so we can kill them too. Please, pretty please LMAO

  • james willy

    It is too bad that the families do not get taken out now too. Oh well it is great that these scumbags are now dead. Hope their kids go missing now.

  • james willy

    Well comrad you are wrong. Prepare for more of these scums to be killed by DPR. They are waiting for more of these types. Wish I was manning one a them sniper guns.

  • james willy